Things to do in Munich

Here is our top tips list of things to do in Munich.

1) Walk from Karlsplatz to Marienplatz, explore the shops and churches.  More..

2) Go shopping, explore the strech from Karlsplatz to Marienplatz and also all around the back of the Rathaus. More..

3) Rent a bicycle and cycle through the Englischer Garten

4) Visit the Olympia park, and on a good day go up the Olympiaturm

5) Visit  beer garden or beer cellar

6) Get a real taste of Bavaria and eat in the Ratskeller, the restaurant under the Rathaus

7) If you're fit enough, go up Alter Peter at the Marienplatz to get a great view of the city

8) Visit the Viktuelienmarkt next to the Marienplatz

9) Look inside the Frauenkirche and other churches

10) Have a nice coffee, some cake or a beer in one of the countless cafes outside

11) Obviously at Oktoberfest time, visit the Oktoberfest

12) Before Christmas, visit some Christmas Markets

13) Have a Bavarian breakfast in a beer garden or beer cellar; eat Weisswurst, Beer and a Pretzel before 11am, but peel the sausages

14) See a concert of some kind at a venue like the Gasteig or Muffathalle

15) Go to the opera, theatre or cinema

16) If the weather is really bad, go to a shopping centre like the Olympiaeinkaufzentrum

17) Spend a day at the zoo



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