Getting around

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Car Hire in Munich

If you plan to stay only in Munich itself, you really won't need a car to get around. Public transport is excellent and in any case, parking is an absolute nightmare.

However, Munich makes a perfect base from which to explore Bavaria and beyond. You could visit the lakes, the mountains, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and more. To this end a hire car fits the bill perfectly and there are plenty of car rental firms in the city.

Public Transport

The best way of getting around in Munich is to use the excellent public transport system MVV. This is an integrated system consisting of trams, buses, U-Bahn trains (the underground) and S-Bahn trains.

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Bike Hire

Cycling is an excellent way of getting around and like all German towns and cities, Munich has cycle paths everywhere. Cycling is very safe indeed and there are a number of cycle hire firms to choose from.

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On Foot

If you have been to London, New York or Paris you will appreciate what a nice city Munich is to explore on foot. It is safe, quiet, clean, green and a joy to walk around.

The center of Munich covers quite a small area and you could cover it all on foot. There are plenty of pedestrian zones, and many hidden away streets and alleys to explore too. You could also join one of the walking tours that operate, seeing and learning a bit about Munich at the same time.

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