Sightseeing in Munich

Munich is known in Germany as the city with the village feel. It has all the sophistication of a big-city but is on a smaller and much friendlier scale. It is a delight to walk around and whilst is relatively small it has enough to keep explorers busy for weeks. (You could spend a week in the Deutsches Museum alone.)

Munich sightseeing
Munich Marienplatz

It's a very green city, it's quiet and spacious and has wide boulevards, large squares and well kept parks. It isn't a city that will tire you out as much as others, and whilst Munich is a city on a smaller scale, it does for example have a superb modern transport system.


The Englischer Garten near the M√ľnchener Freiheit U-Bahn station (U3/U6), you see the beergarden in the middle and boat hire on the left.

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