Munich squares

Famous squares in Munich.


Named after the column of the Virgin Mary at its center the Marienplatz is one of the most famous part of Munich is also considered to be the centre of Munich. The town hall is dominates it and it makes an excellent place to start your explorations.

Reach it by: all S-Bahns, U3 & U6, or walk down from Karlsplatz or Odeonsplatz.


Otherwise known as Stacchus, Karlsplatz houses one of the inner city gates, it's walkable from the central railway station, and makes a good start point to walk down to the Marienplatz.

Reach it by: all S-Bahns, U4 & U5, or walk down from the Hauptbahnhof.


Near the expensive shops, Residenz, the Theatiner Kirche and the beginning of the Englischer Garten. There is a nice cafe overlooking it.

Reach it by; U4 & U5, or just walk from the Marienplatz


Commissioned by Ludwig I and later used as a Nazi marching ground, this neo-Classical square boasts the Propylaen gateway and the Glyptothek, a small but enchanting collection of Greek and Roman sculptures.




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