Munich Churches

Frauenkirche - Cathedral Church of Our Lady

This is the Metropolitan Church of the Archbishop of Munich-Freising and is a landmark for the city of Munich. It has a late Gothic nave from the 15th century, interior with works of art spanning 5 centuries.

The cathedral is a 'must visit' and you'll have no problem finding it as it dominates the skyline.


A view of the Frauenkirche from the top of the new townhall.



Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan

Basilica in Italianate High Baroque which had a major influence on Southern German baroque architecture.

Alter Peter

Alter Peter is directly opposite the new town hall. You can walk up the top of it for a small fee and get excellent views of the Marienplatz and city as a whole, but it a long walk and get cramped towards the top. Best done at quiet times of the day.



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