Munich for Children

Munich has quite a lot to offer children, here are some ideas:

1) Deutsches Museum, get off the S-Bahn at Isartor, it's on an island on the Isar. It's a technical museum with some good areas for children.

2) Feed the ducks in the Englischer Garten. Get off the U3 or U6 at Gieselastra├če.

3) Visit the Hellabrunn Zoo, good for a whole day and there are extensive child play areas and some restaurants too. The zoo also has a super eco-dome that is full of life e.g. fish and frogs in the pools, birds flying around, free range lizards, and an aquarium, which I think on its own is better than the Sealife centre in the Olympic Park.

4) Visit Wildpark Poing, it's an animal park outside of Munich, good for day and again excellent child play areas. Plus things like bird displays with eagles and falcons.

5) Visit the Planetarium the 'Sternwarte' near the Ostbahnhof. Good for children from five upwards.

6) Visit the toy museum at the Marienplatz.

7) Wear the kids out by walking up Old Peter at the Marienplatz. It is a great view.

8) Take your sons to Saturn a huge electronics shop near Karlsplatz on the Neuhauser str.

9) Take them toy shopping at the huge toy store on Karlsplatz. 

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