Beer gardens in Munich

A list of some of the famous beergardens in Munich.

1. Augustiner Biergarten

One of the most popular genuine beer gardens. B

Beer served is Augustiner Bier.
Address: Arnulfstraße 52 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 59 43 93

2. Aumeister

Has wonderfully shady trees and overlooks the pond in the Englisher Garten. It is in the northern part of Englischer Garten.

The beer served is: Hofbräu München
Address: Sondermeierstraße 1 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 32 52 24

3. Chinesischer Turm

Often cited in poetry and song. Brass bands play on Sundays.
Address: Englischer Garten 3 München
Tel. 089 3 83 87 30

4. Hirschgarten

Bavaria’s largest beer garden, with 8,000 seats. Situated in Neuhausen, right next to a deer-enclosure.

Beer served is: Augustiner, Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg and Hofbräu Tegernsee
Address: Hirschgartenallee 1 München
Tel. 089 17 25 91

5. Taxisgarten

Another Neuhausen beer garden. Small, but renowned for succulent spare ribs.

Beer served is: Spaten Bier and Franziskaner Bier
Address: Taxisstrasse 12 München

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